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Spa association urges authorities to give them a happy ending


The Federation of Thai Spa Associations (FTSPA) is asking the government to crack down on the sexual services on offer at some of the country’s many massage parlors.

FTSPA advisor Apichai Jearadisak noted that many massage parlors are offering sexual services to tourists and damaging the reputation and image of traditional Thai massage parlors and spas.

Spas and traditional Thai massage are one of the big draws for tourists traveling to Thailand, but some visitors might get rubbed the wrong way when they are offered services in the back room that are very different than those that appear on the services list by the door.

The FTSPA also noted that only about a quarter of the spas operating in the country are registered with the appropriate offices, according to the Bangkok Post.

Apichai noted that other issues in the industry include giving jobs as Thai masseuses to migrant workers when the spas should focus on maintaining “Thainess” and feature workers trained in traditional Thai techniques.

Spa professionals across the country would like to see a crackdown on illegal practices but also more safety standards to ensure that visitors have good experiences and keep returning.

Source: http://bangkok.coconuts.co/2016/05/26/spa-association-urges-authorities-give-them-happy-ending


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